USECASE of the FREE coin

Why does the FREE coin exist ?

Blockchain/crypto is not a goal in itself. Blockchain/crypto projects only have a reason for existence if they are used to obtain a well defined goal.

The goals of the different crypto projects are very diversified : store of value, anonymous financial transactions, transfers between banks, real estate transactions, supply chain improvements, medical information handling, content provider remuneration, …

The reasons for existence (or the “use cases”) of the FREE coin ?

1) The FREE coin is supporting crypto/blockchain MASS-ADOPTION by being THE PREFERRED low cost, low risk, easy/friendly/supported first step into crypto/blockchain. The absolute starters can even buy there first FREE coins via Paypal. The FREE coin has the correct level of supply to absorb mass-adoption without price explosion. And we have a friendly community to support starters in their first steps.

2) Exchange FREE to ANY coin. You first get FREE in an easy way, then you exchange FREE against other crypto. Because FREE is integrated with the SWFT PRO Exchange/wallet, you can manage all this cross blockchain and cross exchange in 1 wallet.

3) Pay EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ANYTIME via FREE coins by using your smartphone. The blockchain alternative for paypal, payconiq, ... The FREE coin is integrated in SWFT PAY, which allows everyone worldwide to do crypto payments for your daily purchases with over 100 different cryptocurrencies. We will continue to integrate the FREE in every crypto payment tool that is suited for mass adoption.

4) Support NGO's active in renewable energy, food support, medical aid and climate/environment/wildlife preservation. NGO's have to start using cryptocurrencies as a form of funds raising : the FREE coin development team develops without cost involved the bespoke cryptocurrency for the NGO. Do you represent an NGO and do you want to raise funds by selling your own crypto coin ? Contact us ...

5) The FREE is a global wealth creation experiment. Our target is to give best in class financial return to the holders of the FREE coin. 

6) Participate and co-develop innovative and disrupting methods to distribute FREE coins also to people that do not yet have a crypto wallet. For example : the FREE is integrated in the Telegram Bot developped by Afrodex Labs. This bot allows to distribute FREE coins (and other crypto) to Telegram users without a crypto wallet.

7) The FREE will be the PREFERRED crypto coin to remunerate social media contributors for their work done on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Surveys, Opinion Polls, .... In the crypto community "bounty hunters" receive coins for the work (likes, shares, ...) they perform on social media. This approach can be extended outside the cryptoworld to every company/organisation/workgroup/... that needs support on social media, in surveys, in polls, .... Via  the FREE (available in large quantity and not too expensive) they can reward their contributors/supporters for the likes, shares, retweets, ... Because the FREE is a well know coin available on many large exchanges, this will be a motivating payment form for the contributors (as they can easily turn their FREE in other crypto or fiat money).

Today we are on the edge of global crypto adoption :

1) In 2018 only about 0,2 % of the world population was active in crypto/blockchain

2) This means that 99,8 % of population is missing out this technical evolution, and the (financial) benefits it could bring to them.

3) This is missed opportunity for them, because at least 60 % of the world population has access to PC or smartphone (so access to digital wallets) and 100 % of the world population could use paper wallets.

4) The FREE coin will do extra efforts to bring more people into contact with blockchain/crypto