Latest Press Release of the FREE coin

April 6th, 2019

On April 6th, 2018 the FREE coin was launched. 

The FREE coin is launched very cheap, to allow everyone worldwide to participate in the crypto wealth creation. 
Even today you can get more than 8 million FREE coins for only 1 USD. This is your opportunity to become a crypto whale …

The high supply is needed to cope with the expected global usage of cryptocurrencies. 
In December 2017 an increasing demand for crypto coins led to a price explosion, which undermined the credibility of cryptocurrencies and resulted in the bear market we know now for already 15 months. 
The FREE coin can absorb a global demand for cryptocurrencies within the boundaries of an acceptable price increase which does not undermine its credibility.
The project team hopes that by end 2024 the price of 1 FREE coin will approach 1 USD … This is very ambitious, but 1 year after our launch we are well on planning despite the current bear market.

The FREE coin also participates in innovative blockchain projects to bring crypto to a maximum of users. Some examples of realizations during the first year :

- FREE coin participates in SWFT PRO, which allows to change the FREE coin to any other crypto coin, and this 
cross-exchange and cross-blockchain.

- FREE coin participates in the Afrodex AF-TX Robot : a Telegram Robot that allows to send FREE coins to everyone on Telegram (even if this person has no crypto wallet yes)

- FREE coin participates in SWFT PAY, a kind of “paypal for blockchain” allowing to pay via 100 different cryptocoins for everything, everywhere and anytime via a simple APP on your smartphone.

- FREE coin cooperates with a leading bounty hunter platform. The FREE coin is being used to remunerate bounty hunters for likes/retweets/comments/follows/… on social media postings of non-crypto companies and organizations. Because the FREE coin is listed on 23 exchanges and thus very easy to change to cash, it is a very attractive coin for bounty hunters. The FREE will be the leading coin to remunerate social media influencers.

- In only 1 year, the FREE coin has been listed on 23 exchanges.

- For people without any crypto experience: you can even by the FREE coin via Paypal

- The FREE supports NGO’s active in green energy, food support, medical support and climate/environment/wildlife by developing for them without any cost their own crypto coin to be used for funds raising.

- The FREE has 18 regional Telegram communities with friendly support for FREE coin users.

The FREE coin will continue to participate in innovative solutions to promote global cryptocurrency usage. 
We will also introduce out of the box use cases, to turn the FREE coin in a respected and trusted store of value and payment method.

The project team and the user community are fully convinced of a bright future for the FREE coin. Buy your FREE coins now, while there are still very cheap.

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